Opera house in Sydney       Harbour Bridge

    Opera house and Harbour bridge

I have been Sydney ten days, I saw the fireworks on new yeare eve at opera house.There are many people about 1,500,000,Eric、Shine and I was so happy could see the fireworks. But we thought just saw the fireworks once because it was hard action.Next time I hope I can go back Cairns wait for new year eve with Dad、sister、Lelia、Louis、Lilah.

I went to blue montain on 12/29, it's amazing, we walked across it about 3 hours, I can't believe I can do it.We met an expectant monther joined this climb.she is relly strong who jump and walked very fast.I saw three sisters stone . I felt it is not nature.

this month many friends will go back their country, Max、Neil、Bon、Shine, i am missing them so much I wish we can meet again at anywhere.

central station in SydneyIMG_2390.JPGIMG_2449.JPGthree sisters stone龍蝦大餐 in fish market

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